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Ballot Proof

So, I early-voted today. From the time I walked in till the time I left, took approx 15 minutes. Sweet.

Only odd snag was when they were first checking me in. I gave her my photo ID as I filled out the form, then was surprised when she asked if I was still at Sunnyside. What? No. But it says that I am. And yet I recently re-registered! I then took back my wallet and pulled out the Voter Registration card inside, with my current address listed.

She took the card from me, looked between it and her computer a couple of times, and then figured out what's wrong; based on my photo ID, she'd looked me up in the system as "DONALD ALSAFI", whereas I had recently re-registered as "DON ALSAFI". She then checked me in under the correct name - and from there, the rest of the process, er, proceeded.

Which is fine, but: Er?

Does that mean I actually have TWO entries in their files? And if I wanted to (not that I ever would), I could go to the polling place at my old address and vote there too?

Is it really that easy to defraud the system?


No wonder we're so ####ed. :P


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Oct. 30th, 2008 02:33 pm (UTC)
The check against that kind of fraud is:

Your signature will be on record in both places and any member of the public can examine the records of who voted. If any member of the public can prove that you voted fraudulently you can face several years in prison. They can't erase your extra vote but they can make your life suck. It's just not worth it! That is...if there's actually anyone out there monitoring the public records in defense of fair democracy.

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