Customer Service FAIL. (And it was me.)

Soooo, this is fascinating.  And mortifying.  And bizarre.

 I've been doing customer service for about 20 years.  As with anything  you do for a long time, I've gotten increasingly better at my job with  time.  Occasionally I'll see an email I sent 15 years ago and will be  embarrassed by the rookie mistakes I made.  But hey, that's progress!

But wow.  This is... a new one.

 Back in January, a customer emailed me about a shipment that  accidentally went out to him earlier than intended.  (The specifics of  why aren't important.)  So I wrote back to him, and said:

"Sorry  about that, XXXXX!  I'm not quite sure how that happened.  In any event,  I'm now refunding that $5.50 shipping charge back to your card!

Let me know if you need anything else,

Sounds friendly, accommodating, and professional, right?

Or at least that's what I had INTENDED.

 Except - read that again.  And when you get to the word "now", assume  that I accidentally typed a "T" instead of a "W".  Because I did.

(Bonus points for the  exclamation point at the end of my sentence with the typo.  If I'd typed  a "W", it was intended to convey friendliness!  Since I typed a "T", it  instead conveyed "SCREW YOU!")

Reading over his subsequent reply, I suddenly see a frostiness I'd previously missed...!



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